The Palawan State University Singers had its humble beginnings as a College-based choir formed in 2012 through the efforts of Dr. Daisy Grace C. Antonio with Mr. Demy R. Dizon as its founding director. The choir members’ dedication and passion became a dynamic force on campus, compelling it to metamorphose into becoming the resident University Choir, with the continuous and harmonious growth among the old members and the new ones, and its recognition as one of PSU’s cultural groups.

In its short history, PSU Singers has started to amass a repertoire of songs ranging from classic to contemporary choral works. They have performed in most of the campus’ activities and off-campus as guest performers, staging a wide repertoire from acappella songs to extended works. They now explore the vast choir music written for diverse but blending tones, and have begun establishing themselves through their charming and excellent performances.

The PSU Singers envisions more opportunities to share the beauty of choral arts with the Puerto Princesa Community and 2013 had been a year of changes for them.

The group was given opportunities to grow in the choral arts through various workshop-seminars and vocal trainings that were made available for them by the Choir Master, Mr. Demy R. Dizon. They are continually being developed and trained to become world-class, so they could eventually share the talent and skills they have gained.

Since choir members are students who come from different walks of life, the PSU Singers aims to raise well-rounded members, excelling not just in the choral arts but also in other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They have since conducted and organized social activities and launched a concert during the Yuletide Season benefiting the Super Typhoon Yolanda victims. These activities give every member the opportunity to develop their leadership and social skills outside the classroom. The choir molds them to become socially responsible individuals – aware, conscious, and involved with the community that they are part of.

They have ably performed in various University functions with audiences ranging from local to international, both inside and outside the campus. Their excellence is now a byword, attested by the invitations coming from outside agencies.

The PSU Singers shall continue to enrich their repertoire and fine tune their performances. They are also endeavoring to improve the music facilities by procuring equipment that would advance their rehearsals and training.