Creation : Office Order No. 189 s. 2010


  1. To investigate and hold hearings for determination of all administrative  complaint involving personnel and students of the university, including the power to subpoena witnesses, documents, and other services.
  2. To cause the titling and documentation of all area; properties of the university.
  3. To cause the ejectment of all unauthorized occupants or possessors of university property.
  4. To provide legal assistance and representation to personnel of the university who are facing charges before any competent court of office in relation or by reason of their official function.


Director of Legal Affairs and Adjudication

Atty. Analissa V. Navarro-Padon

Associate Legal Counsels:

Atty. Jansen I. Jontilla
Atty. Jus Lauros-Romero

Administrative Assistant:

Cristina L. Eleazar

Legal Researcher / ISO Compliance Staff / Clerk of Court:

Sarah Jade P. Layug

Legal Researcher (Part time):

Florianne Erika D. Relova

Legal Researcher (Part time):

Kenneth S. Tabla