The Security Service promotes the security awareness not only for the persons but also in the university properties. It maintains the peace and order in the university and participates in safety meetings and drills. Provides completely safe University Campus truly conducive to learning. The Security Service also monitors and collects information for National Security.


Security is important for the progress of the Nation.
Security affects the job performance of University Personnel.
Proficient security measures will lead to the attainment of peace and order in the community.

Workplace safety environment for Palawan State University

Provide proficient security and safety measures to Palawan State University Community

Safe and secure PSU workforce, authorized residents, visitors and properties


  1. Promote Security Awareness
  2. Secure the persons and properties
  3. Maintain peace and order
  4. Participate in safety meetings and drills
  5. Monitoring and collection of information for National Security
  6. Provide completely safe University Campus truly conducive to learning

Services Available

  1. Monitoring PSU activities / incidents
  2. Physical and human security
  3. Background Investigation
  4. Crime detection and control
  5. VIP Security
  6. Intelligence collection and evaluation
  7. Disaster/crises contingency planning, control and training

How to avail of security services

  1. Visit the PSU main gate for any Security/Safety assistance.
  2. Visit the Office of the Vice President for Administration for the Issuance of vehicle pass and authorized resident pass.
  3. Coordinate with the Office of the Executive Vice President, Vice President for Administration and Director of Security Services regarding request for the following:
  4. Background InvestigationVIP SecurityIntelligence collection and evaluationTraining and safety drills


January 01, 2009 – December 31, 2009

  1. Conducted on going monthly in house Lecture on Campus Security Personnel, (PSU Main and Manalo Security Personnel) January 1 - December 31, 2009.
  2. Assisted on 37th Founding Anniversary of Palawan State University, March 1-2, 2009.
  3. Assisted on the 28th Commencement Exercises of PSU Kindergarten, March 2009.
  4. Assisted on the 31st Commencement Exercises of PSU Elementary, March 2009.
  5. Assisted on the 30th Commencement Exercises of PSU High School, March 2009.
  6. Prepared the Security Plan for the PSU 35th Commencement Exercises, April 2009.
  7. Assisted on the PSU 35th Commencement Exercises of College Level, April 15, 2009.
  8. Assisted on the PSU 1st Semester Enrolment for SY 2009-2010, June 2009.
  9. Effected the repair of four (4) pcs of PSU Firearms for PSU Manalo White Guards, July 1- December 31, 2009.
  10. Prepared and updated the following handouts on Campus Security Seminar, July 1 – December 31, 2009:
Drug Prevention and Control
Fire Prevention and Control
Chemistry of Fire
Water Safety
Philippine Nationalism
  1. Provided support services in the Conduct of Fire Inspection Survey of BFP, July 1 – December 31, 2009.
  2. Conducted daily Monitoring and Inspection of Fixed post manned by Security Personnel, Main and Manalo Campus. July 1 – December 31, 2009.
  3. Assisted on the PSU Intramural Meet, August 2009.
  4. Updated the University Disaster Plan, August – September 2009.
  5. Conducted Seminar on “Workplace Safety” at PSU Main Campus, Sept 3 – 4, 2009.
  6. Conducted Lecture on Philippine Nationalism, Overview of Philippine Society and Public Speaking, Seminar on Basic Cadre Training MIG4, ISAFP, October 2009.
  7. Participated in the Bidding for Security Services, October 2009.
  8. Conducted background checking of participating bidders for Security Services, October – December 2009.
  9. Assisted on the 2nd Semester Enrolment for SY 2009 – 2010, November 2009.
  10. Assisted on the 15th University Day Celebration, November 12, 2009.
  11. Conducted Seminar on “Workplace Safety”, CCRD Brookes Point, CCRD Española and CCRD Bataraza, November 2009.
  12. Assisted on the Christmas Party Celebration of every organization and colleges in the University, December 2009.