The Records Management Office serves as the heart and the core of records custody of the
University. The office continuously serves its clienteles in the whole academe with the support of the top management. Aware that records form the history of an agency and it is also considered as the memory of an organization, the Records Management Office’s vital role is to always provide various services to its clients through a functional, systematic and innovative records management.

The Goals and Objectives of the Records Management Program

  1. The Program strives to achieve an orderly, systematic and efficient flow of communication throughout the organization which provides necessary information in the form needed to facilitate the process decision-making concerns within the agency.
  2. A well-designed and a well-implemented records management program support the agency’s management processes of planning, organizing, controlling and communicating.

Services Offered

A. Messenger/ Liaison/ Copy & Reproduction Section

  1. Provides internal and external messenger services.
  2. Copy and reproduction services.
  3. Mail services.

B. Current Records Section

  1. Receiving incoming communications.
  2. Releasing outgoing communications.
  3. In-charge of file room.
  4. Provides reference services.
  5. Coding, classification, filing and retrieval.

C. Non-current Records Section

  1. Inventories of non-current records.
  2. Provides related services in records disposal in accordance with Records Disposition Schedule.
  3. Coordinates with the National Archives of the Philippines on the Records Disposal and its approval.

Highlights of Accomplishments in 2009 and 2010

A. Functional Services:

  1. Sequenced the active records on the dockets and storage areas;
  2. Segregated the inactive records transferred to separate dockets;
  3. Classified Records Series based on the implemented and functional File Classification Scheme/Guide;
  4. Assigned Retention Codes for current and non-current records;
  5. Annual Inventory of records under custody;
  6. Records Appraisal process;
  7. Records Retrieval process;
  8. Systematic classification, sorting and filing process;
  9. Inventory of records ready for final disposal.

B. Accomplishments in other concerned areas and services:

  1. Functional Flow Chart implementation
  2. Vital Records and Active Files Management
  3. Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence Control
  4. Messenger’s and Mail Management services
  5. Inactive and Non-Current Records Control
  6. Active and Current Records Control
  7. Records Retention and Disposition Schedules
  8. Copy, Reproduction and Retrieval Services

Conducted an Echo Training on Basic Records Management in October 21-22, 2010

  1. Special Topic on “Customers’ Service”
  2. Introduction to Records Management
  3. File Management
  4. Mail management
  5. Records Disposition Administration
  6. Functional policies and Procedures of the Records
    Management Office

Office Information

The PSU Records Management Office is located at the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building. The Records Management is directly under the Office of the Vice-President for Administration.

a. Personnel (Composition )

The Records Management Office is composed of seven (7) personnel or office staff, four (4) are regular or permanent and three (3) are on Job-Order status of appointment.

b. Personnel Professional Development

The Records Management Office had sent its personnel to various Trainings and Seminars on the relevant topics on records management conducted by the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) and the Philippine Records Management Association (PRMA) in 2009 and 2010.

Contact Information

Tel/Fax No.: (048) 434-8752
E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.