“To provide quality ICT support services responsive to the information needs
and computerization requirements of the PSU Stakeholders”.

The Information Technology Department is mandated to lead the development of IT systems that promote the principles of Simple, Measurable, Accountable, Responsible and Transparent (SMART) e-governance”, as well as supervise, coordinate and control the University-wide ICT use examination and review for administrative applicability, the development and provision of the university data resource, computer and network facilities, information systems and services, and the design and/or improvement of university processes that are reflective of the requirements and in harmony with the strategic thrusts and directions of the Palawan State University.

Short-Term Objectives:

  1. Mainstream ICT in the functions of the University
  2. Improve on the capacity to provide ICT services
  3. Ensure the sustainability of ICT services and resources
  4. Ensure compliance of PSU with relevant government requirements such as increasing transparency and accountability in budgetary and financial management, revenue mobilization and expenditure.