Approved per BOR Resolution No. 187, Series of 2017


Master in Business Administration is an advanced degree that provides middle managers with essential business and management knowledge and skills to move into senior management roles. It is suited to candidates with the maturity and background that come from extensive experience in the workplace, through leadership in organizations. A strong component of the program is the sharing of the extensive and varied management experience, quality interaction is possible.

Basic courses:

MBA 201 Advanced Statistical Methods
MBA 202 Research with Business
MBA 203- Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Core Courses:

MBA 205- Talent Management
MBA 206- Operations Management in the 4th Industrial Revolution
MBA 207- Advanced Financial Manageme
MBA 208- Strategic Marketing Management

Major Courses:

BA 209- Organizational Development
BA 210- Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BA 211- Creating a Sustainable World Class Organization
BA 212- Managing Risk & Investment Strategies

Cognate Courses:

MBAE 101- Strategic Planning & Controlling
MBAE 102- Issues and Trends in Business Environment
MBAE 103- International Economics

Thesis Writing (Research-based)