As per CHED Memorandum order No 09 series of 2013 entitled Enhanced Policies And Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services.

Services were divided into three(3):

  1. Student Welfare- These are basic services that are necessary to serve the well-being of students.  These includes:
    • Information and Orientation Services – Students maybe provided with information materials; regular comprehensive orientation program; organized, updated and readily available educational, career, and personal/social materials which includes the following:
      • R.A. 9262 or Anti Violence Against Women and Children Act;
      • Guidelines on drug abuse prevention and control
      • R.A. 7877 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995
    • HIV-AIDS awareness
      • Self-care and healthy lifestyles
      • R.A. 9442: an act amending the magna carta for persons with disability
    • Guidance and Counseling Services
      • Guidance Service
      • Counseling – Gender sensitive individual and group counseling are extended to our students, a counseling room and an appropriate andpro-active intervention programs and strategies are also done.
      • Appraisal – The office maintain student’s cumulative records; and well-planned assessment program.
      • Follow-up
      • Referral
      • Grievance/Complaint
      • Intake interview(for first year colleges)
    • Career and Job Placement Services – The office does a valid appraisal data of students for career and job placement; active networking with school, community, alumni and etc., likewise career seminars and job placement services is an annual activity calendared by the office likewise, a mechanism to institutionalize a link with industries is maintained.
    • Career Canter -Provide comprehensive career services that will enable students to make well informed career decisions and to provide access to relevant information, advice, guidance and experience to enable them to realize their potential.
    • Economic Enterprise Development – under this activity the following maybe considered: student cooperatives; entrepreneurial undertakings; income generating projects; savings activity recognized with the Cooperative Development Agency (CDA) subject to the existing laws and guidelines of the said agency.
    • Student Handbook Development – this office is responsible to come up the student manual deliberated by the committee and make necessary updates; archive and retrieve previous student manual. A student representative from the student body should be part of the committee that prepares the student manual.
  2. Student Development – These are programs and activities designed for the enhancement and deepening of leadership skills and social responsibility of our students which includes the following:
    • Student Organizations and Activities – The office sets policies on accreditation, re-accreditation, monitoring and evaluation of student organizations.
    • Leadership Training - The Office of Student Affairs and Services should be able to conduct leadership training for the newly installed leaders
    • Student Government/Council – This amplifies the right of students to govern themselves as a student body.
    • Student Discipline – The college recommends to the OSAS office members of the discipline committee to address student grievance
    • Student Publication/Year Book – The office ensures compliance of Republic Act 7079 otherwise known as “Campus Journalism Act of 1991”. Likewise it encourages other media and yearbook production.
  3. Institutional Student Programs and Services – These are support services extended by the university to our students to wit:
    • Admission Services – Stakeholders should be properly informed of the schedule, requirements and procedures for admission.  Likewise, the list of tuition and other school fees to include educational visits and field trips are provided.
    • Scholarships and Financial Assistance (SFA) – The office provides information to students of the available Scholarship programs that they may possibly qualify and avail.  Likewise the office adopts mechanisms to institutionalize a more compassionate policies and guidelines for scholarships and financial assistance.
    • Food Services - The office of Student Affair and Services is tasked to set criteria for safety and sanitation of food offered to our students. It has to conduct a periodical inspection of university canteen and other food outlets.
    • Health Services – The office should look into the primary health care services offered to students. Health Clinic should see to it that the university has enough facilities for health care and that health records of our students are updated.
    • Services for Students with Special Needs and Persons with Disabilities – Students with special needs and disabilities should not be denied of academic accommodation. The university should have a provision for life skills training for and list of students with disabilities should be regularly submitted.
    • Cultural and Arts Programs – The University should establish link with the Office for Philippine Culture and the Arts so as to provide mechanisms for our students to develop their talent in arts and show great appreciation of our culture.
    • Sports Development Programs – The University should open to students’ opportunities for physical fitness and well-being. It should encourage participation in national, sectorial and other cultural sports activities and development. It is expected that the university conducts a regular sports programs.
    • Social community Involvement Programs – Students are encouraged to participate and be involved in a meaningful socio-economic activities.