Director’s Message

The NSTP Operational Plan is based on the major goal provided under RA 9163. This goal aims for the holistic transformation of the youth in pursuit of national development. To attain this goal, the NSTP Office develops a plan which is based on the following framework. Participatory and pro-active; outcomes based; Service to the community; excellent leadership and accountability.

Participatory and pro-active programs include NSTP Day celebration, beautification and environmental protection program, planning program and linkages, networking and partnership program. These activities involve maximum participation of all NSTP Stakeholders such as students, trainers, coordinators and implementers. The impact of the NSTP activities must be felt inside and outside the University campus through participatory and pro-active programs.

Outcomes-based plans are being linked to the innovative academic program, research program, NSTP publication and needs assessment programs. With the integration of ASEAN political and economic communities, there is a need to come with a plan that is ready to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the times by integrating outcomes based-education in the NSTP Modules and activities. NSTP Publication is one of the instruments that is being used to inform and educate NSTP clienteles about local, national and international issues.

Service to the community covers the following activities: Community Service and extension program, modernizing facilities, personnel services and support programs and acquisition or procurement of equipment and facilities essential to the delivery of service to the community. Students and trainers service to the community are the manifestations of essential values learned by the trainees. During the second semester the students are involved in community development activities. It should give them some insights and values that are needed to study more and pursue higher level of education.

Excellent leadership program is given higher premium in the operational plan, because development is possible under people who are trained, committed and skilled. The programs involve in the plan are trainers training program, Lakbay Aral program, executive capacity and development program and, upgrading staff qualification program. The larger part of NSTP fund is being utilized for training, development and support programs to its staff, educators and implementers.

The fifth item in the framework is accountability. Our plan is to upgrade the NSTP operation to international standards through good governance. Appropriate use of NSTP asset which include man-power, financial and physical resources shall be part of our plan. The NSTP Vision is to become the lead higher education institution in the production of the most valuable resource of the State which is the youth. Personnel of the different NSTP components particularly, ROTC, CWTS and LTS must maintain a higher degree of integrity while performing their tasks in order to upgrade the programs to international standard.