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  1. To continuously improve its services to meet the information needs and expectations of the community.
  2. To provide access to comprehensive library materials and tools locally and externally for all academic programs.
  3. To create hospitable environment and facilities inspiring learning and research.
  4. To collaborate internally and externally to promote a culture of research.
  5. To continuously develop and sustain expertise and commitment of all library staff.


  1. To conduct survey research on user’s information needs and expectations
  2. To streamline services through regular review of policies and procedures
  3. To acquire additional relevant library resources per academic program
  4. To improve continuous access to the library resources and management system
  5. To enhance the environment cleanliness, lighting and ventilation
  6. To provide appropriate and comfortable equipment and amenities
  7. To collaborate with faculty and researchers within and outside the university
  8. To preserve linkages with institutions and organization relevant to the university’s goals
  9. To seek opportunities for training and staff development
  10. To support staff in pursuing graduate studies


Reference Service
The reference service staff extends personal assistance provided to library user in pursuit of information. Reference services provide:
Assistance in using the library. Library staff advises on search techniques and explain how to use the library’s resources.

  • Reader Education. Library staff provide instruction on how to use the library to student in connection with their lessons on library related topics upon the request of the English teacher
  • Library Orientation. At every start of the school year, library staff, in coordination with the office of the student affairs, give orientation to the freshmen and transferees during the general orientation program
  • Readers’ Advisory. This is an assistance extended to the library users on the use of library resources through advising the readers as to what kind of materials are suited for their needs.

Current Awareness. Current Awareness area is provided to ensure that library clients have access to updated/ latest information in their interest or subject areas. Service include:

  • Bibliographic or reading list. A library staff prepares list of works on a particular topic of interest to their user
  • Circulation of journal title page and contents pages. The periodical librarian photocopies the title page and content pages then distributes to the offices of the college deans for dissemination.
  • New title list. A list of resources added to the collection is circulated to client.

Vertical file and newspaper clippings. Compilation of new articles from local / national newspaper, pamphlets / brochures and government publications appropriate to the curriculum and interest of the students. These materials are filed in the steel cabinets in alphabetical order arranged according to their subjects.

Book circulation. Charging and discharging of library material are done in the circulation counter. Book that can be borrowed for one week, overnight, three days, or classroom use or for photocopy are properly processes for easy retrieval.

Reminder and recall. The library staff sends notices to the faculty members and students who have not returned library materials that are already overdue.

Cataloging and classification. Books are properly cataloged before they are circulated for easy access of such materials. A card catalog is provided for this purpose.

Indexing. Periodicals, articles with permanent value and useful for research are indexed for easy access of information to the library users.

Viewing services. The services related to classroom teaching / viewing are done only in the instruction media center. The center houses, collects, organize and make available instructional media like DVDs, CDs, tapes, television sets, etc.

Internet services. The internet user may request for printing of the download information from the internet at the minimal cost, currently, two units are available for use.

Achieve section. Collections that are outdated but still useful to the curricular offerings and have historical / analytical value are placed here in addition to PSU and Palawan Collection

Online Document Delivery Service. Users can request documents through an online form with certain policies and guidelines such as limitations that conform with copyright and intellectual property rights.

Ask a Librarian. An online reference service through chat with the different sections of the library using online tools like fb messenger, email, chat widget (tawkto), etc.

Library Chatbot. An autoresponder marketing tool for library subscriber through facebook and manychat platform that answers common library questions. Subscribe through:


Section: PSU Library
Section head: Joyce M. Banzuelo,RL , University Librarian
Telephone no.: 09532554360
Mobile no.: 09175699572
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.