1. Curriculum development
  2. Research capability development
  3. Basic and applied researches on Biology, Environmental Science and Information Technology
  4. Research output dissemination through poster or oral presentations and via local, national, and international publications
  5. Linkages and collaborative research endeavors
  6. Eco-friendly and sustainable environment in Palawan
  7. Development of research-based technologies
  8. Physical/structural development (e.g. repository for voucher specimen and research database)

Thrusts and Priorities
Poverty alleviation in Palawan through dissemination and/or transfer of research –based concepts, principles, and technologies vis a vis curriculum and research capability development in a sustainable manner.

  1. Develop a sound curriculum for Master of Science in Marine Biology
  2. Conduct research for a and other related activities
  3. Conduct researches on the following:
    1. Fish Stock Enhancement of Tiniguiban Cove, Puerto Bay, PPC, Palawan (with notice to proceed from University Research Office (URO)) - Prof. E. Dumadaog and Mr. R. Manalo
    2. Ant Diversity in Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan – Mr. D. General
    3. Studies on Student’s Level of Difficulty in Mathematics – Math Faculty
  4. Present research output in national research convention (e.g. Philippine Association of Marine Scientists (PAMS), Federation of Institutions for Marine and Freshwater Sciences (FIMFS), PSU Journal)
    1. Seagrass diversity of Palawan – Prof. F. Dangan-Galon
    2. Taxonomy and Illustration of Selected Seaweed Species – Prof. F. Dangan-Galon
    3. Coastal Resource Profiling in Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi and Turtle Islands, Philippines – Prof. F. Dangan-Galon
  5. Work with concerned agencies for research plan and implementation and submit research proposals to funding institutions (e.g. CHED, DOST, NEDA)
    1. Pilot Testing, Validation and Economic Evaluation of Abalone – Prof. E. Dumadaog and Prof. H. dela Peña in collaboration with professors from MIMAROPA (under review by the zonal center)
    2. Extension and Promotion of Abalone – Prof. E. Dumadaog and Prof. H. dela Peña in collaboration with professors from MIMAROPA (under review by the zonal center)
    3. Improvement of Quality of Farmed Seaweed Seedstocks using Spores – Prof. F. Dangan-Galon in collaboration with the Marine Science Institutes, UPD (under deliberation with PCAMRD-DOST)
  6. Conduct studies on environmental protection and conservation
    1. Studies on marine protected area (MPA) (various sites in Palawan)
    2. Mangrove restoration and management – Mr. R. Manalo
  7. Conduct technology output-oriented researches and adopt a private sector or marginal communities for technology transfer/utilization
    1. Identification, validation and application of effective practices in:
      1. Seaweed spore culture
      2. Shellfish production
      3. Fish capture
    2. Solar panel installation (Phase1) and bio-organic facility – Prof. B. Doria
  8. Establish a college-based phycological herbarium – Prof. F. Dangan-Galon together with BSB-Marine Biology students