To become a center of excellence in producing sound researches that are responsive to the needs of the academe, the nursing service, and the community towards sustainable development.


  1. To develop quality faculty researches through faculty development programs.
  2. To produce skilled researcher graduates through research insdivuction improvement and curriculum development.
  3. To conduct/present/publish sound researches in conjunction with PSU Research Thrusts and Agenda.
  4. To establish linkages with local, national, and international agencies for partnership.

Thrusts and Priorities

  1. Nursing Education ( Academe)
    • Researches addressing the needs for nursing curriculum development and improvement of quality of insdivuction.
    • Faculty development
    • Student development
  2. Nursing Service ( Hospital)
    • Researches addressing the needs to improve quality of care given to patients in the hospital
    • Resource management evaluation
  3. Community
    • Health Needs Assessment of a Community
    • Community Participation Action Research ( COPAR)
    • Area Program Based Planning Evaluation
  4. Ecotourism in Relation to Health
  5. Policy and Governance related to health
  6. Sustainable Development


  1. Environmental Health
  2. Health Eco- Tourism and Sustainable Development
  3. Health Policies and Good Governance
  4. Wellness Technology Development
  5. Health Information Communication Technology
  6. Curriculum Development

On-going Researches

  1. Accessibility to essential medicines

Research Personnel

Research Coordinator
Mary Joy A. Habaradas
Jane Fatima G. Vicente
April Grace Liao
Rolex Sudara