Conduct Medical and Dental Mission with other Allied Medical Organizations.

  1. Dean's recommendation for job application
  2. Issuance of documents for CGFNS, NCLEX, and IELTS
  3. Reinforcement classes after pre-board examination given by the Review Center for Nursing Licensure Examination and Midwifery Examination
  4. Assistance and facilitation in student's application for Licensure Examination at Professional Regulation Commission.
  5. Polishing review two (2) weeks before the Licensure Examination

Reproductive Health Care Center

  1. Prenatal Check up
  2. Family planning education
  3. Very low price reproductive health procedures such as:
    1. Pap smear
    2. Pregnancy test
    3. Urinalysis
    4. Bi manual/pelvic examination
    5. Hepa B vaccination for adults
    6. Tetanus Toxoid vaccination for pregnant women
    7. IUD checkup
  4. Post natal counseling
  5. Fertility Orientation Session