The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) is the youngest among the eight (8) colleges in the University. It only started in 2003. To be exact, the CHNS is now eith (8) years old project of Dr. Teresita L. Salva. Only few know that the CHNS is the brain-child of the University's Vice President for Finance Mr. Desditchado S. Villasario. As newly opened college, Prof. Violeta R. Yadao, the first College Dean, has contributed much in establishing its quality and standards as it is today. Succeeded by Dean Julieta P. Wy in November 2006, and through her efforts, the CNHS BSN program was recognized in the country in February 20, 2007, a month prior to the graduation of its first batch who took the NLE in December 2007 with the passing rate of 98.18%. With highly qualified competent Clinical Instructors and complete facilities, there is no doubt that the CHNS is the nursing education leader and the only school of midwifery in the Province of Palawan.


To be a center of excellence in the field of nursing, midwifery and other allied human sciences


The graduates of the Palawan State University College of Nursing and Health Sciences are expected to:

  1. Function effectively in the first level position in any health care setting.

  2. Utilize the nursing process in performing his/her nursing responsibilities.

  3. Show pride in his/her Filipino cultural heritage and national identity.

  4. Participate effectively in Primary Health Care through interdisciplinary working relationship aimed at promotion of Community Health.

  5. Assume responsibility for continuing development in his/her role as an active participant in the nursing and health care profession through graduate study and research.

  6. Manifest self-direction in his/her profession and professional life.

Contact Information:

Prof. Julieta P. Wy
Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Dean’s Office (048) 434-9007
Fax No. (048) 433-5303