The College of Hospitality Management and Tourism (CHMT) takes pride in the quality of its teaching training of future professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry. It is particularly recognized for its strength in preparing strong, capable, innovative and creative graduates who will join the industry in the future by teaching them the knowledge and skills and strengthening their values that would make them acceptable in the professions. The College has an excellent team of faculty and staff and the state of the art facilities that make learning in College a day-to-day simulation of the life and demands of the industry. In addition, the College offers first class services through its pool of industry-ready students who are under the supervision of industry professionals. It is a perfect place to grow – academically, professionally and personally.


To produce globally-competitive graduates who are morally upright, humane, competent, and productive and prime movers of development in the field of Hospitality Management and Tourism.


The College of Hospitality Management and Tourism is committed to:

  1. Provide world class instruction that meets global hospitality and tourism industry;
  2. Establish strong alliances between the College and complimentary service communities;
  3. Initiate ecotourism researches in response to the needs of both community and industry;
  4. Teach, train and mentor industry- ready, dedicated professionals and managers who are equipped with global knowledge and skills for the local and international hospitality and tourism industry;
  5. Strengthen the values of excellence, integrity, teamwork, dedication, loyalty, creativity, advocacy for sustainable development, social responsibility and self-reliance among students envisioned to be leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.
Contact Information: 

Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez
Dean, College of Hospitality Management & Tourism
Palawan State University
Tiniguiban Heights, Puerto Princesa City
Palawan 5300, Philippines
Telephone: + 63484341266