Research is one of the four vital functions of a University. It complements instruction, extension and production. For a University to excel, a strong research culture should prevail in the institution.

The research functions of CBA and that of PSU are anchored on the vision and mission statements of the University and the college as well. The formulated research thrusts and priorities of the University is in consonance with the Commission on Higher Education as well as the thrust and priorities of other agencies linked with.

As research becomes evident and forceful in the pursuit of excellence and quality education in this institution, it encroaches upon all faculty members to be more focused in research thus, honing of research skills becomes mandatory.

Research, being a dynamic and transformative force to effect change and development, should become a way of life for all those with professorial ranks in the University.

Produce researches responsive to the needs of the community.


  • Improve the instruction and extension activities of the college;
  • Upgrade the knowledge and skills of faculty members in research;
  • Conduct relevant researches in consonance with PSU and CBA research thrusts and priorities;
  • Publish research outputs that would benefit the community;
  • Identify and establish linkage with local, national and international agencies for possible research funding and/or financial assistance; and,
  • Establish a data bank that shall provide valuable information to clients and community.

Thrust and Priorities

  1. Research Responsive to the Community/Stakeholders needs
  2. Accreditation Researches
    1. Comprehensive research topics in line with proponents major fields; like Economics
      1. Price Indices of local commodities
      2. Effects of Inflation on local Business Enterprises
      3. Spending patterns of CBA Students
  3. Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Program
  4. Evaluation of Cooperatives in Puerto Princesa City/Palawan
  5. Relevance and Responsiveness of CBA Curriculum Offerings
  6. Needs Identification of Various Sector in Business Courses
  7. Socio-Economic Profile of Barangays in the City of Puerto Princesa
  8. DTI Priority Industries for the Development of Palawan
    1. Food Sector
      1. Marine Based Products
      2. Fruit Based Products
        1. Cashew
        2. Mango
        3. Bananas
    2. Agro-Industry
      1. Rubber Industry Development
      2. Coffee Industry Development
      3. Fiber Industry Development
      4. Rice Industry
      5. Coconut Industry
  9. Policy-Oriented Researches
  10. Eco-Tourism Researches
  11. Community Based Researches on Sustainable Development

Completed Researches

1. An Evaluation of Management Effectiveness of Subterranean River National Park of Palawan, Philippines (2010)
Dr. Grace Abrina

2. Talent Management Practices at the Palawan State University (2010)
Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez

3. The Seaweed Farming at Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa City: A Project Under Capacity 2015 (Philippines): Building Capacities of Communities for Environmentally Sustainable Globalization (2010)
Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez ,
Dr. Eva M. Jimenez

4. The Rice Cycle and Its Attendant Folk Rituals on the Island of Cuyo (2010)
Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico

5. Baragatan sa Palawan (2010)
Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico

6. Development of A Revised Performance Evaluation For The Faculty of Palawan State University (2010)
Dr. Eva M. Jimenez

7. The Role of Women in Poverty Alleviation in Coastal Areas of Puerto Princesa City (2010)
Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico

8. The Employability of the BSBA Management Graduates of PSU, 2004-2010. (2010)
Prof. Janet P. Maduro

9. Effectiveness of Industry Immersion Program to Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Students of Palawan State (2010)
Dr. Nelly I. Mendoza

10. Socio-economic Monitoring (SocMon) as a Tool in the Management of Marine Protected Areas: Participatory Process and Initial Survey Results in Binduyan Fish Sanctuary, Palawan, Philippines (2008)
Ms. Eva Marie Ponce De Leon,
Dr. Nelly I. Mendoza,

11. Farming Rituals of Palaw’an Tribes and Its Implications to their Economic Status in Barangay Amas, Brookes Point, Palawan (2007)
Dr. Merlina Rago,
Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico

12. Farming Rituals of The Tagbanuas and Its Implications To Their Economic Status in Sitio Labtay, Napsan , PPC (2007)
Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico,
Prof. Floserfida B. Fernandez

13. Evaluation of Policy Options for the Live Reef Food Fish Trade in the Province of Palawan, Western Philippines (2006)
Ms. Eva Marie Ponce De Leon,

14. Collaborative Management in Tropical Fisheries with Marine Protected Areas: Perceptions of Local Leaders, Key Informants and Fishers at Selected Villages in Palawan and Central Visayas, Philippines (2006)
Ms. Eva Marie Ponce De Leon,

15. The Spending Pattern of Working Wives in Selected Barangay of Puerto Princesa City and Their Impacts in Education (2006)
Dr. Merlina G. Rago

On-Going Researches

1. Coping Mechanism of Single Parents (February 2012)
Dr. Grace N. Abrina

2. Emotional Intelligence as Determinant of Teaching Performance at the College of Business and Accountancy (December 2011)
Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez

3. Women's Rights and Privileges in Coastal Areas of Barangay Bagong sikat, Liberty,PPC (November 2011)
Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico

4. Employability of BBA-Banking and Finance of PSU-CBA, 2004-2010 (December 2011)
Prof. Janet Maduro

5. The Palawan State University's Internship Program for the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Students (January 2012)
Prof. Daphne T. Mallari

6. Employability of BSA Graduates of PSU (November 2011)
Prof. Daphne T. Mallari

7. Identifying and Evaluating the Teaching Quality in the Accountancy Program of Palawan State University (October 2011)
Prof. Daphne T. Mallari

8. Baseline Study and Impact Survey of Pandan Aquamarine Multi-purpose Cooperative (PAMPC) (November 2011)
Dr. Nelly Mendoza,
Prof. Gregorio Orara,
Ms. Cherryl Anne Dator,

9. Self-Esteem and Teaching Performance of PSU Faculty (March 2012)
Ms. Genevieve F. Nagales

10. Employability of Entrepreneurship Graduates of the PSU-CBA (December 2011)
Prof. Merlita V. Pactanac

11. Employers' Assessment on the Performance of CBA Graduates in the Workplace. (February 2012)
Prof. Merlita, Pactanac,
Dr. Carmen Fernandez

12. Saving and Spending Pattern of PSU CBA Faculty (December 2011)
Dr. Merlina G. Rago

13. Status of the Boarding Houses of CBA (December 2011)
Prof. Leah Tubac,

Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez

Dr. Ma. Teresita F. Jardinico
Research Coordinator

Prof. Purita C. Alisuag
Mr. Janeth O. Montilla

Research Personnel
Dr. Grace Abrina
Dr. Eva Jimenez
Dr. Merlina Rago
Dr. Nelly Mendoza
Prof. Floserfida Fernandez
Prof. Regie Gadiano
Prof. Janet Maduro
Prof. Daphne Mallari
Prof. Merlita Pactanac
Ms. Eva Marie Ponce De Leon
Mr. Aristotle Manuel Go