In 1983, expansion, growth, and demand prompted the University to establish the Department of Business Administration as a separate College. It was the first department to separate and become independent from CASTB. It was then named as the College of Business and Administration.

Other business related courses such as Accountancy and Entrepreneurship were offered by the college but it was only in 1997 that the college formally became the College of Business and Accountancy.

From its humble beginning of offering only the Bachelor of Science in Business Education (BSBE) major in Retail Merchandising and Cooperatives, CBA has indeed grown into a big college offering varied courses to address the needs of the business industry.

For years, the College has maintained its standing as the college with the largest number of enrollees in the University because of its in-demand and well planned curriculum programs.

At present, the College offers four (4) undergraduate courses namely BS in Accountancy, BS in Business Administration, BS in Entrepreneurship, BS in Public Administration, two (2) graduate courses namely MA in Management and Master in Public Administration.

Today, the goal of the College of Business and Accountancy is to produce value-oriented and globally competitive leaders in business and industry.