Extension is an inherent function of service-oriented institution such as universities and colleges. This function has the highest potentials for making higher educational institutions, like the Palawan State University, respond effectively to social and economic needs and demands of individuals and society.

The extension function within the jurisdiction, therefore, has the power to effect change not only at the level of individuals but at the widest level of affectivity such as communities. Thus, extension function addresses the institution’s needs and demands to establish and sustain its positive impacts on the lives of the people and of the communities it serves.

As extension pursues individual and social transformation, it mobilizes and employs multiple perspectives, disciplines, methodologies, and techniques. It also mobilizes and employs administration, management, coordination, supervision, and evaluation skills in the pursuit of its ends.

Extension being transformative force does not aim at empowering people and communities. It builds foundations of power with people and communities.


To accomplish the above mission and to contribute to the realization of its vision, the CBA Extension Unit aims to achieve the following:

  1. To give specific systems and procedures to the more disadvantaged sectors to enable them to acquire basic services at all levels.
  2. To enhance the level of awareness among the community in managing and advancing their resources.
  3. To provide relevant trainings and seminars to uphold the productive and indigenous capacity of communities.
  4. To provide technical assistance in the preparation of financial statements, proposals, and business plans.
  5. To identify and establish linkages with local, national and international agencies for possible funding and/or financial assistance.

In line with the University’s extension thrust, the College of Business and Accountancy developed an Extension Program along the following areas:

  • Cooperative Development
    • Assist in organizing cooperatives
    • Extend fund sourcing assistance
    • Monitor and evaluate cooperatives
    • Provide technical assistance in financial statements preparation
  • Business Development
    • Enhance business management competence of program participants
    • Extend Management Consultancy services
    • Provide technical assistance in the preparation of business plans and financial statements
  • Capability Building and Special Skills Development
    • Provide relevant trainings in order to upgrade the knowledge and capability of micro and small scale business workforce, as well as cooperatives
  • CLIMBER: Continuing Livelihood Intervention with Mountain-based Ecological Rehabilitation
    • Focused on PORADISE: Plant Oil, Rubber and Abaca Development as Industries in a Sustainable Environment

Projects and Activities

  1. Pre-membership Training and Education to target beneficiaries and cooperatives
  2. Continuous monitoring and technical assistance on the ongoing solar dryer construction project at Snake Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa City
  3. Bookkeeping, auditing and inventory system to DTI Surublien Development Foundation
  4. Pre-membership education seminar
  5. Management consultancy services
  6. Practical bookkeeping and Accounting lessons
  7. Assistance in fund sourcing
  8. Training and technical assistance in the preparation of business plans and financial statements
  9. Leadership and team-building seminars
  10. Training on bookkeeping and accounting system
  11. Alternative livelihood trainings and /or seminars

CBA Extension Unit

Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez

Dr. Eva M. Jimenez
Extension Coordinator
(from 2006 to May 2011)

Mr. Victor Oliveros
Extension Coordinator
(from June 2011 to present)

Mr. Domingo Palatino, CPA
Ms. Genevieve F. Nagales

Contact Information

Patrick A. Regoniel
Director, Extension Office
4th Floor, Administration Building
Tiniguiban Heights, Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, Philippines
Tel. No.: (+639202211216)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.