The PALAWAN STATE UNIVERSITY, the first state university in Palawan and in Region IV, traces its humble beginnings to the teacher training institution known as Palawan Teacher’s College (PTC), which was established through Republic Act 4303 on March 2, 1972. Then Congressman Gaudencio Abordo sponsored the bill establishing the college and then municipality of Puerto Princesa.

The creation of PTC was in response to the lack of teachers in the province. Most of the teachers at the time were from Luzon; only a handful of them were willing to be assigned in the far-flung areas of the province. Thus, it was necessary that a teacher training center by Palaweños for Palaweños be established.

Dr. Walfrido Ponce de Leon, the first president of the institution, and some devoted men and women believed in the promise and blazed new frontiers. Among them was the previous president, Dr. Teresita Lardizabal Salva.

With four borrowed classrooms, 101 students, 10 faculty members, 16, staff members and an initial budget of half-a-million pesos, PTC buckled down to work.

In early days as a teacher’s College, the thrust was on education in an attempt to raise the level of education, but as the province developed, the need for the Palawan Teacher’s College to keep abreast with the latest educational advertise in other fields kept amounting it had to expand.

In 1984, then Minister of Natural Resources Teodoro Peña sponsored the transition of Palawan Teacher’s College to Palawan State College by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 797. A Palaweño himself, Minister Peña spared no expense in prioritizing the approval of the conversion.

The institution became more capable of providing quality education by offering other courses in the Art, Sciences and Technology.

Dr. Heracleo Lagrada became the president of the institution in 1985. A year later, he was succeeded by Prof. Paterno Bruselas.

In 1991, after going through the rank – as an instructor, dean, director, and vice president, Dr. Salva became the institution’s fourth president. The Palawan State College became the “Place for Social Change”.

During her first term, she establish the Law School, under its first dean, Atty. Teodoro Peña, Dr. Salva began working for the university status of the school, but this was to be realized only when she was already in another state college in Palawan, the State Polytechnic College of Palawan; the conversion of which into such is one of her legacies.

On November 12, 1994, the Palawan State College became the Palawan State University. Congressman Alfredo Abueg, Jr. and Congressman David Pone de Leon were largely responsible for the conversion. They sponsored House Bill # 8277, which was approved into R.A. 7818, creating the university, As true Palaweños, Congressman Abueg and Ponce de Leon were one with the PSC academic community and the Palaweños in making the dream a reality.

Dr. Crispiniano Acosta, the fifth president of the institution and the first under the new University, had his hands full with bigger opportunities and greater responsibilities.

In 1995, 11 new academic programs were offered – Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Agri-Business and Hotel and Restaurant Management, and four short term courses. The most unique course that was offered is the Petroleum Engineering, the only one of its kind in the country.

In 1999, Dr. Salva went back to the fold of the university. During the search (selection of the university president in 1999), her vision statement was SUCCEED – “State University Conscientiously Committed to Excellent in Education and Development.”